Get started with the new Benerator UI

The new
Benerator UI

Benerate your data today with our ready-to-use templates, demos and our best practices from countless benerator projects. Our comfort features guide you through your successful test data generation with Benerator.

Modern Editor

Take advantage of context-sensitive autocompletion and plenty of benerator snippets during the creation of your beneration model and workflows. Use excel-like features to edit your business data.

Modern editor with our beneration comfort features
BENERATE your data with a single click


Start your BENERATION with just one click ...

Data Preview

... and preview and check your beneration results on the fly.

Check results and export data
Create projects from templates with benerator project manager

Project Wizard

Use the BENERATOR Setup Wizard to start with ready-to-use templates for multiple use-cases.


Checkout existing projects from git. Add your coworkers and collaborate on your benerator projects.

Collaborate and version your projects
Analyze logs on the fly

Logs and error prevention

Analyze process logs in real-time and get advanced guidance on any script errors.

Task Manager

Compare multiple BENERATION tasks and download beneration results.

Compare beneration runs in task manager
Schedule beneration jobs for reoccurring tasks

Job Manager

Start, schedule and manage multiple BENERATION jobs (cronjobs) within your application landscape. (e.g. nightly obfuscation of production data and distribution to test environment)


Check your system landscape and find out about bottlenecks in your data generation flows. Compare beneration executions between your systems.

Run BENERATOR benchmarks and find bottlenecks

BENERATOR - Start using The Test Data Tool now

Get BENERATOR for your enterprise and solve your test data challenges. The rapiddweller BENERATOR Team supports your BENERATOR introduction with test data consulting for a smooth start. Trust our consultants and their expertise to conquer your complex scenarios.

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How Benerator UI helps you:

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Benerator UI is already setup and ready to use. Get BENERATOR UI now and start benerating your test data today.

Do you struggle with Benerator Community Edition?

No problem - Benerator is a very powerful tool but might require some time to get started. We created Benerator UI to guide you through the first steps and help you along with your advanced use cases. Ready-to-use examples and project templates along with our best practices from countless projects let you kickstart your Benerator project.

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